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Privacy Policy

It is the policy and practice of Mulligan & Bjornnes PLLP, its partners, associates, and staff, under the Minnesota Rules of Professional Responsibility, that non-public personal information regarding our clients, current and former, is not shared with anyone outside of the firm, except where the disclosure rules require such exchange of information under the Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure or the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.  Only the attorneys, legal assistants, and staff who are working on a client matter have access to the client’s file, both physical and electronic versions.

All physical files are retained in filing cabinets, inactive files are locked in storage facilities both on and off site.  Attorneys, legal assistants, and staff are discouraged from discussing confidential client information where such conversations could be overheard by other clients or other non-interested parties.  Where the discovery rules require an exchange of non-public personal information of a client, this information is shared only with opposing counsel and the court.  It is the practice of Mulligan & Bjornnes to collect only the most essential pieces of information needed for the efficient resolution of client matters.  This information may include bank accounts, social security numbers, credit reports and other sources of financial data.  The utmost care is taken when transmitting this information electronically and all laws and regulations regarding protection of client’s personal data are followed.  Mulligan & Bjornnes has two paper shredders which are used to destroy client data when it is no longer needed.



Thank you for visiting the Mulligan & Bjornnes PLLP website.  The information contained within this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.  No attorney-client relationship is created.  Any information you send Mulligan & Bjornnes through an e-mail based on this website will not be regarded as confidential and will not make you a client of this firm.  If you are interested in legal representation with Mulligan & Bjornnes, please call us.   We will only make a determination of representation in this manner. We reserve the right to decline any representation.  We make no warranty, expressed or implied, about the accuracy or reliability of the information provided in this website; you should seek the advice of legal counsel before acting upon any such information.

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