The Rehabilitation - 1982

The American Red Cross used the property for training and overflow office space from its principal headquarters next door. It was acquired by Spectrum Property Partners I in September, 1982 for rehabilitation as quality office space. An effort was made to both preserve and restore as much as possible the interior and exterior original building design and to revitalize its most important features. The Cuban hardwoods of the first floor were restored and reproduced. Many new features were added to accommodate the building's new use: central air conditioning, ultrasonic security system, exterior security lights, as well as new carpeting, lights, blinds, and wall coverings. For safety reasons, the central staircase was extended to the third floor. The rehabilitation costs exceeded nearly ten times those of the original construction.


401 Groveland is an unusual property for many reasons. The underlying land remained in one family for the time of the first white settlement until the 1970s. Only one family ever occupied the house as a residence. The primary figures in the history and transfer of the property were all women. Designed by an office architect, its layout and oversized windows accommodated nearly perfectly its reuse as office space


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