Nellie Johnson Wells - The Second Generation

At his death, Joseph Johnson distributed the balance of his property to his daughter Nellie. The property was kept in the family even though Johnson married the prominent North Dakota banker Edward P. Wells and spent over twenty years in Jamestown, North Dakota, while her husband operated the Wells-Dickey Bank. In 1901 Nellie Johnson Wells and her husband moved back to the site of the original farm and lived in a house built at 230 Oak Grove with their four children.


Florence Wells Ireys - The Third Generation

Florence Wells was the youngest of the Wells' children. As a wedding gift to mark her marriage to Charles G. Ireys in 1907 her parents gave her a portion of the original J.S. Johnson farm site which had been kept in the family. Florence and her husband commenced construction of 401 Groveland Avenue the following year. Charles Goodrich Ireys was a Bostonian who founded his own grain elevator company operating principally in the western Dakotas. He remained active in the grain milling business in Minneapolis and North Dakota for the rest of his life.


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